Jubilee General Insurance now brings “ZiaratViaCare” to you with budget friendly and best coverage plans for your sacred travels to Iraq & Iran by AIR ONLY. The policy is tailored best to suit your individual needs providing coverage from hospitalization and accidental death to loss of baggage and is available to the dependents of pilgrim. Make your Ziarat travel worry-free and protected from the unexpected with the best policy!

There are 2 packages for this product:

- Plan A Limit: Rs. 300,000.

- Plan B Limit: Rs. 500,000.

  • The coverage is available on individual basis.
  • All individuals intending to perform pilgrimage activityare eligible for this coverage (aged 18 & above).
  • For coverage of children (under 18 years), please call 0800-03786
  • Children below 18 years and traveling with parents are covered on the basis of ‘B’form
  • Insured’s age of coverage is up to 65 years.

  • Medical Expenses for Accident / Sickness, covers hospitalization expenses for accident or illness.
  • Personal Accident (Accidental Death & Permanent Disability) inclusive of terrorism act.
  • Death Burial & Repatriation expense (In case of Natural Death Only)
  • Baggage &Cash Loss
  • All claims will be settled in PKR and in Pakistan on refund basis.

  • Pre-existing medical condition, pregnancy, convalescence or relapses.
  • Claims for Valuables and Personal Money in Checked-In Personal Baggage.
  • Loss or damage due to delay, confiscation or detention by customs or other authority.
  • Claims for items for which You have already been reimbursed by the Airline or another party.
  • Business goods, samples, tools of trade, motor accessories and other items used in connection with your employment or occupation.
  • Loss due to delay, confiscation or detention by customs or other authority.
  • Mysterious Disappearance of Cash.
  • For more details on exclusions refer to policy wording.

Sr. No.Benefit PlansPlan APlan B
1 Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability 300,000 500,000
2 Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability due to act of Terrorism 300,000 500,000
3 Hospitalization 75,000 150,000
4 Burial & Repatriation* 50,000 100,000
5 Loss of Checked in Baggage 20,000 40,000
6 Loss of Cash 10,000 20,000
* In case of Natural Death only
  • * Maximum stay depicts total number of days starting from the time of departure from your home city in Pakistan for ZIARAT AIR TRAVEL ONLY up-till the time of arrival in your home city on return from your Ziarat trip.

Sr. No.Tenure limits (Days)Premium* (In PKR)
Plan APlan B
1 Upto 15 Days 500 1,000
2 16 - 30 days 1,000 2,000
3 31 - 45 days 1,500 2,500