Traveling creates memories of a lifetime, and can also mean encountering the unexpected; to protect yourself and your travel investment, Jubilee General Insurance introduces “International ViaCare” Insurance. It offers a comprehensive coverage for the entire duration of your stay, providing medical emergencies, evacuation, travel inconvenience, accidental death and many other perils. The product is designed to facilitate you 24/7 anywhere in the world, so that wherever you go, we’ve got you covered!

  • Schengen Compliant fulfills the Visa requirement of Schengen States by offering US$50,000 or equivalent cover for hospitalization and medical expenses.
  • Multi-Purpose offers travelers Insurance anywhere in the world except Schengen States by offering US$10,000 or equivalent cover for hospitalization and medical expenses.

International ViaCare offers two types of plans:

  • Plan for individual
  • Plan for family

  • 100% Limit for all Family Members in case of Medical Expense and Hospitalization.
  • 50% Limit for spouse and 25% for children in case of Accidental Death & Permanent Disability.
  • Premiums are inclusive of all applicable taxes and levies.

  • 24/7 worldwide facilitation of our international partner, Global Response, in case of medical emergency for both Schengen compliant and multi-purpose trips.
  • Insured’s age of coverage is up to 65 years starting from 18 years of age. For 66-70 years of age, call us at 0800-03786 to buy the product.
  • The Family Plan includes the insured, spouse (only one), and four children of age between 6 months to 18 years.

  • Pre-Existing medical conditions and the deductibles that apply on the policy.
  • Passport left Unattended at any time (including in a motor vehicle or in the custody of carriers) unless deposited in a hotel safe, safety deposit box or left in your locked accommodation.
  • Loss or theft of Passport not reported to the Police, local embassy, consulate or issuing authority within 24 hours of the discoveryof the loss or theft.
  • Loss or damage due to delay, confiscation or detention by customs or other authority.
  • Fines, penalties, punitive damages.
  • Cost of passport renewal.
  • War invasion or terrorism.
  • For more details on exclusions refer to policy wording.

Coverage/benefitsSchengen Compliantmulti-purpose
Accidental Death & Permanent Disability US$15,000 US$10,000
Medical Expenses & Hospitalization Abroad US$50,000 US$10,000
Transport or Repartition in case of illness or injury US$50,000 US$15,000
Emergency Dental Care US$750 US$500
Repatriation of Family Member traveling with the insured US$3,000 US$1,500
Repatriation of Mortal Remains US$5,000 US$5,000
Return of Dependent Children US$5,000 US$5,000
Emergency Return Home Following Death of close Family Member US$5,000 US$5,000
Loss of Passport US$250 US$100
Trip Cancellation US$500 US$250
Delayed Departure US$500 US$250
Loss of Checked-in Baggage US$500 US$250
Compensation for delay in the arrival of luggage US$250 US$100
Travel And Stay Over One immediate Family Member US$100 per day for 10 days only US$100 per day for 10 days only


  • Medical Expenses & Hospitalization: USD 100 each and every loss
  • Trip Cancellation: USD 35 each and every loss
  • Delayed Departure: 8 hours
  • Per Round Trip: Maximum 92 days are covered for single trip.

Premium Payable (Individual and Family)
Tenurestay limitSchengenmulti-purpose
    Individual family Individual family
7 7 2,850 4,450 750 1,100
14 14 4,950 7,500 950 1,500
21 21 6,950 10,250 1,400 2,100
31 31 8,450 12,250 1,900 2,850
62 62 13,300 17,850 3,300 5,800
92 92 19,300 27,100 6,550 10,000
180 92 22,700 40,300 9,200 18,800
365 92 27,100 51,350 11,100 22,000